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Technology is the biggest enabler of scalable, sustainable and robust business growth today. Allkare has been founded on the basis of this core philosophy, striving to offer futuristic and efficient technology-driven solutions, software and products. With our emphasis on personalization and flexibility, we are best-positioned to offer new-age technological enablers to our clients across a wide range of domains

From healthcare and billing management to education, we offer comprehensive expertise in the field, along with solutions that simplify operational processes, save time and bolster efficiencies in business practices.

Our commitment towards quality is what defines every step of our ecosystem here at Allkare. We have a skilled team of professionals specializing in varied facets and sectors to cater to ever-evolving requirements of our clients. From top-class client deliverables to scalable technical resources, we believe in journeying with you towards transforming into a lean, agile and effective organisation of tomorrow.

At Allkare, we help you stay ahead of the curve.

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Allkare helps companies modernize technology, reimagine processes and transform experiences so they stay ahead in a fast-changing world.


The core vision at Allkare is to become a 360-degree tech-driven ecosystem for advanced products, systems and services across highly specialized and niche domains, while being the firm of choice for enterprise clients and businesses globally.


Our Mission Can Be Encapsulated As The Following:

  • Emphasize on high-quality & robust technological solutions.
  • Ensure quality services, solutions & applications for clients.
  • Build and consolidate domain expertise.
  • Ensure impeccable customer support, service & personalization.

What We Do

Delivering Exponential Value Throughout The Care Ecosystem

A Glimpse into Allkare

Allkare encompasses a wide spectrum of products and services under one roof. we offer specialized products and applications for the healthcare space, right from ehr and billing to practice management, Information access and more. We’re also present in verticals like education.

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Futuristic IT Solutions

At the other end of the spectrum, We offer services covering big data, soware development, managed services, mobility and system integration

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100% Personalization

We continually seek to develop and build upon our core premise of being an information technology service/solution provider for businesses and enterprises at all points of the value chain in terms of their sizes and unique requirements.

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360-Degree Solutions Both On & Off-Site

We offer end-to-end it solutions encompassing niche verticals, specific domain needs, agility driven products and operational effectiveness. to that end, we ensure top-notch delivery off-site, on-site and even offshore. We also offer personalized combinations of off and on-site development services.

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Life at Allkare

Life at Allkare may be a thousand things but it is certainly never BORING! We’re continually driven by our pursuit of the next stage of innovation, futuristic technologies and new ideas in order to future-proof the product/operational/service needs of our clients.

We have an experienced team of skilled and well-equipped professionals who aim at delivering nothing but the best to our clients. At the same time, we are continually aiming to broaden our horizons, venture into new domains and adopt the latest technological innovations that are gradually transforming the way we live and work.

Allkare is a happy confluence of ideas, technology, information, execution, diverse skill-sets and a steady mission to keep raising the bar. And of course, within this ecosystem, you will find a diverse mix of happy and satisfied clientele, new and multi-dimensional projects, and a lot more. We like to keep building, one step at a time. That sums up life at Allkare in a nutshell.

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